Submission Check List

Following requirements are necessary for the successful submission of the manuscript.

  1. DECLARATION FORM duly signed by the corresponding author
  2. CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT FORM duly signed by all authors
  3. COVER LETTER stating that the manuscript is not submitted or published elsewhere and all authors have agreed to the submission of this article to AJEC.
  4. The author needs to endorse the following things at the time of submission
  5. The manuscript is prepared as per the instructions to the authors.
  6. The manuscript is prepared within the specified word limit
  7. The manuscript is prepared using MS-Word 2010 and above in a single-column format with 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced (Including abstract and references) on A4 size white paper with 1-inch margins.
  8. The title page (First page) contains all author names, their affiliations and corresponding author email and phone number. Any of these details are mentioned nowhere else in the manuscript.
  9. The abstract is on the second page and the word limit for the abstract of this manuscript is within 250 words. Keywords are five and arranged chronologically arranged. Keywords do not contain any abbreviations.
  10. Tables and figures are mentioned at the end of the references and their respective numbers are mentioned in the text at relevant places.
  11. The figures (if any) are with 300 dpi in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, etc, format with appropriate shape, necessary number and annotation.
  12. Based on the content, the size of figures and images mentioned in this manuscript are either "2.6-inch height and 2.86-inch in width" or "4.14-inch in height and 5.83 inches".
  13. References are prepared as per the IEE style. It is not necessary to mention an authors’ name, pages used, or date of publication in the in-text citation. Instead, refer to the source with a number in a square bracket that will then correspond to the full citation in your reference list
  14. M. Sc. or Ph.D. Thesis is not used as references as such references are not accepted by AJEC.
  15. Website references are not used as references as such references are not accepted by AJEC.
  16. All authors email details are required.